//How We’re Different | Sneakers Educational Childcare//

How We’re Different

One of the biggest differences between our program and other similar programs is that we base our curriculum off of the kindergarten standards or learning (Virginia SOL) for Virginia. This prepares our students for school and gives them a jump-start on their learning, so they can succeed in school! Students are exposed to the SOL content several times throughout their time at Sneakers, as well as to other learning materials that are developmentally appropriate.

Rodney Torp, the director of Sneakers, has his Master of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education, and has experience from managing two childcare centers in the Northern Virginia are before founding Sneakers. His goal in creating the Sneakers program is to address the needs of the students in the center and to give them the best possible start!

We’re Privately Owned & Operated

As a privately owned educational childcare center, we are able to provide several benefits to our parents and students that other centers may not be able to provide. The first of these benefits is that our teachers are responsible for teaching your child, no preaching to them. Our philosophy is that every parent is responsible for the religious education of their child. Although we acknowledge and teach them about the existence of other religions, we do not teach according to a specific religion. Another benefit of our program is that our teachers are able to pay close attention to the students due to our small class sizes, and they are able to notice when a student is excelling or struggling, and they are able to quickly adapt and change as needed. A third benefit of being a privately owned center is that we are open to suggestions for improvement from parents and students alike!


We go above and beyond the minimum training for our staff. We constantly offer opportunities for the growth and further education of our staff, so that they can provide the best environment for their students. We always have a minimum of one MAT certified person onsite, and all of our staff are trained and certified in adult, child, and infant CPR/AED and first-aid.

We’ve Got A Proven Track Record

Our director has been actively involved in the education of students for over thirty years! Several of the students that he taught in second grade many years ago have come to Sneakers with their children, so that they can receive the same great education that their parents received as children! There are no other centers in the area that can say the same, which sets us apart!