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What Our Parents Are Saying…

“Sneakers Educational Childcare has exceeded any expectations that I had in terms of a daycare that provided a safe and clean environment along with a staff that can provide the educational, creative and loving atmosphere that I wanted for my child day after day, year after year. Because of the staff at Sneakers my son has gained so much exposure to the fundamentals he needs to prepare him for kindergarten.

I started my son at a large daycare in Leesburg that had teachers with masters degrees and all of this teaching experience and I can tell you that those people have nothing on Sneakers.  There was no creativity, there was nothing being taught, these people were going through the motions of a job, they weren’t there because they loved what they did and that is what makes the difference.  The staff at Sneakers is there because they love the kids not because it is just a job.  Rodney and Sue created an environment for these children to feel like they are at home.  Not only do the kids feel that way but so do the parents.  It feels like we are part of a bigger family.  I could have never asked for a better place for my child to be.”

– Alison A.


“My daughter loves attending Sneakers Educational Childcare.  She is free to express herself and I have seen her social skills flourish. She loves visiting all of her new found friends. In a manner of months, it is obvious that she is establishing meaningful relationships with other children her age and older (as well as adults on staff).

Rodney Torp, his wife Sue and their staff are simply amazing. They are educated, very competent, skilled, warm and wonderful. From my observation and interaction, it is quite apparent that they not only care for your children, but they are also committed to nurturing them and cultivating their natural interests and abilities. They focus on whole-child development which is important to me.

The environment is stimulating and designed for your child’s full sensory learning experience. I can’t imagine having my baby anywhere else during this time of our lives. I am a first time mom just returning to work, and I can’t imagine a better facility to care for my little girl.  It is so good to know my child is great hands.

Thank you Sneakers Educational Childcare, and staff.  We love you!”

– Mrs. Oren and baby girl Oren



“When we were expecting our daughter, we were terrified by the idea of leaving our infant with strangers for hours at a time while we worked. But upon entering the building and meeting Rodney, our minds were almost instantly at ease; he was kind, accepting, loving, and knowledgeable – as was the staff – all things we were afraid our daughter would never get outside the home. Fast forward to seven weeks later: our daughter (12.5 weeks old) loves Sneakers! WE love Sneakers! leaving the baby with the staff at Sneakers feels like leaving her with family: they are that good!!!

– Christine M. Frey


“I absolutely love Sneakers!! My son had a medical issue when he first began Sneakers at age 2. He was prone to seizures when he had fevers. The first time he had a fever at daycare, they called me immediately. When I got there, they had ice packs on him, had given him a popsicle, and had brought him to the office in case of a seizure. (Away from the other kids) They did everything possible to ensure his temperature stayed down. I knew right then, that he had the greatest care. The owner is also involved in Ski Patrol at a local resort and knows how to treat medical needs and address first aid issues.”

– Jennifer Hall Goldizen



“I met Rodney 4 yrs. ago when I had my daughter Cathleen. He and his staff are very attentive to the children. There is no sitting around at this facility! The staff keep the children on their toes at all times! They have helped my kids so much over the years that I feel as though I don’t know where I would be without them. Every child knows who Rodney is and every child loves him. I would recommend this facility to any looking for a safe place for your children where they will learn and thrive. I have come to see the staff and parents of Sneakers family.”

– Danyelle Davis


“This childcare is terrific. They have plenty of space for the children to play and have a well educated, trained staff. If you have a very active child, this is the place to go. They roller blade, work on soccer skills and have a great way of teaching the basics, and they make it fun.”

– Guest18260, Superpages.com

(Parent Rated Sneakers Educational Childcare 5 out of 5 stars)



“Our 3 year old son has been at Sneakers since it opened, first part-time now full-time. We feel so fortunate that Sneakers opened just when we needed it because we had looked at several places and were not finding what we wanted. We are extremely impressed with everything including all the activities he does – in the classroom and on the arena and soccer field, how much he has learned, how clean everything is, how secure the place is and especially how good the staff are. Our son loves his “school” and we love him being there. ”

– Guest79480, Superpages.com

(Parent Rated Sneakers Educational Childcare 5 out of 5 stars)


“My son started at Sneakers when he was 6 months old. He was happy when I picked him up everyday and always wanted to go to his teacher(s) in the morning. Rodney, the Director, is wonderful!!!

The staff goes out of their way to ensure every child gets the love and attention they need. I have been so happy with Sneakers and wouldn’t think of bringing him anywhere else. I can go to work each day and not worry if he is getting the care he needs.

As a teacher myself, I know and appreciate all of the hard work they put into their developmental activities for the children each day. ”

– By Laine, Superpages.com

(Parent Rated Sneakers Educational Childcare 5 out of 5 stars)



“This is a great daycare facility. The director and all of his staff are very caring, patient and work closely with the children to help them have a great experience. My granddaughter attended the summer program this year and it was a truly great for her. “

– By bjdove, Superpages.com

(Parent Rated Sneakers Educational Childcare 5 out of 5 stars)